Saturday, September 25, 2010

Entry 3: Hope's Haven

Hope's Haven was the 2nd lap size quilt I made for one of my very best friends, Char.  After seeing my mom's quilt, she really wanted me to make her one.  So I did...but I surprised her with it on her birthday just 2 months after I finished my mom's.  Being a very new quilter, that was quite a feat!  Anyway, she likes purple a lot and she had also mentioned her preference for the Log Cabin block in the sampler I'd done as my first quilt.'s what I came up with:

Since I went with the Log Cabin Block I chose shades of browns as a complement.  My friend Char, sometimes goes by "Hope" (long inside joke/story there) and she has seen me through many many life struggles.  Someone I could always run to and lean on!  Hence, the name of her quilt...Hope's Haven. 

She loves the quilt and so does her cat!  I used to have a picture of her cat taking over her quilt but couldn't find it to post.  Anyway, glad to know it's getting some use.  ; )

Update: 12/05/10

Ok, so she sent me another.  Oh my, can't believe Angel is so big.  She was much smaller when she started taking over your quilt!  We CANNOT be getting that old that fast! : (
Sweet dreams, Angel!


  1. Hi Wendy...Thought I would come over to your blog to thank you for stopping by mine. The comment you left on the crock pot idea was a "no reply" so I couldn't email you back. So happy you can use the crock pot instead of burning candles. Must be difficult with that allergy.
    If you want to recieve emails back from a blog you can change your "no reply" status very easily. If you go to my blog, look under Labels on the right side, there is a "no reply" post to explain it.
    Take care,

  2. This is a beautiful quilt. I love the fabrics you have chosen.

  3. This quilt is beautiful! I love the colours.
    And I admire the amount of work you were putting in:)
    Best regards

  4. Dang cat is on again right now! I'd post the picture of her on it for you but I can't post pictures on your blog. ;)


  5. Oh yes we can be getting that old! Sigh.

  6. Ok Hope, I posted the new pic of your cat...she's so comfy!


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