Sunday, February 20, 2011

Entry 8: Lavendar Lady

I completed my eighth quilt nearly a year ago (time flies!!).  This was done for my very good friend Tabatha who's seen me through many rough times and holds a special place in my heart and life.  Can you guess her favorite color?  Yep, PURPLE!  She also likes butterflies so when I decided to make her a quilt, it had to be purple first and somehow be related to butterflies. 

The block I chose is called "Winged Four Patch".
I just loved the paisley print and used shades of purple to complement it.  Unfortunately, the purple appears somewhat blue in the photos...I had a terrible time trying to capture the true color.  But you get the idea. 

 Here's how the blocks came together:

I finished it almost in time for her birthday,
 just a few months from start to finish which was a fairly quick project for me. 
 The backing fabric matches the inner border and the lighter fabric on the diagonal of the main block.

I just wanted her to have something to keep her cozy and warm while reading a good book!
And there you have it, a special gift for a very special
For you...TabbieG!

Finish Date:  April 2010

Entry 7: Mint Chip

My seventh quilt and finally this one's for ME!  I chose this fabric without really knowing how I would use it in a quilt but I couldn't resist it!  Teal (one of my very favorite colors) and brown?  Oh and the paisley...and the dots?  Just had to have it.  So I went through a couple of books I had and found a block I thought would work well with it.  It's called "Sailor's Star" which caught my attention since I love anything related to the ocean!
Altogether, here's how it turned out.

I liked the chocolate with teal dots so much that I used a reverse print for the back, teal with chocolate dots.
And THAT is how this quilt got its name...Mint Chip!  Which is my favorite ice cream flavor too, YUM!
I was sure to make this a little extra long because I have long legs and hate my feet sticking out!
This quilt gets a lot of use...I just love to cozy up with it to read, nap or do needlework.

Finish date:  12/2009

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Entry 6: TMNT for Ian

By special request, my 6th quilt was a nap/lap quilt for my youngest son, Ian.  I took his request as a compliment.  (Super nice when an 18 year old shows interest in "mom's" stuff.  But then it's not unusual for my boys....because they are extra-ordinary!!) Anyway, I started asking about colors and showed him some block patterns.  Of course, he wanted BLACK and other dark colors.  Finally, I came up with this:
The block is called a "wandering star" but that little star reminded me of a Ninja Star...the martial arts kind that the boys would see in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoons and movies. And the colors went so well with the theme that I named this one TMNT.  Those "turtles" were pretty popular with most boys way back when.  Anyway, put it all together and here's the finish.

And below, a TMNT halloween blast from the past (Ian on the left).

Turtle + Ninja = Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

Many happy memories to you with this one, Ian.

Now for the grown up TMNTs:
Ian, Alex and Erik

Entry 4 and 5: Jungle O' Fun

The next two were the first baby quilts I made.  Two of my neices had babies around the same time, the cutest little boys!  Since they'd always joked about how they were pregnant with "future best friends" I decided to make matching quilts for the two of them.  I started with this Kaufman Jungle Print.

Then, for the youngest, Brian, I used lighter pastel accents and for Noah some brighter bold accents.  The pattern, Streak of Sunshine, was so simple and quick!

Here's Brian's:

Jungle o' Fun (Pastels)
And here's Noah's:
Jungle o' Fun (Brights)
The back of both:
And here they are together:
To Future Best Buds...

These were lots of fun and both my neices and the boys were surprised with them on Christmas that year (2007). 

P.S.  Now, another neice is I'm planning another baby quilt!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

In the Works

Life has been very busy for me lately so this blog (project) has gotten neglected even from the very start.  It only displays 3 quilts and I'm up to 9 quilts total I think.  Anyway, I'll keep adding and eventually catch up!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Entry 3: Hope's Haven

Hope's Haven was the 2nd lap size quilt I made for one of my very best friends, Char.  After seeing my mom's quilt, she really wanted me to make her one.  So I did...but I surprised her with it on her birthday just 2 months after I finished my mom's.  Being a very new quilter, that was quite a feat!  Anyway, she likes purple a lot and she had also mentioned her preference for the Log Cabin block in the sampler I'd done as my first quilt.'s what I came up with:

Since I went with the Log Cabin Block I chose shades of browns as a complement.  My friend Char, sometimes goes by "Hope" (long inside joke/story there) and she has seen me through many many life struggles.  Someone I could always run to and lean on!  Hence, the name of her quilt...Hope's Haven. 

She loves the quilt and so does her cat!  I used to have a picture of her cat taking over her quilt but couldn't find it to post.  Anyway, glad to know it's getting some use.  ; )

Update: 12/05/10

Ok, so she sent me another.  Oh my, can't believe Angel is so big.  She was much smaller when she started taking over your quilt!  We CANNOT be getting that old that fast! : (
Sweet dreams, Angel!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Entry 2: Tuscan Sun

This was the first "real" quilt I made.  "Real" meaning one that can be used for the best purpose in the world...making someone, warm, comfy and cozy.  I made it for my mom and chose colors to fit in with her Italian themed family room.   She spends most of her time reading, watching Lifetime movies and football in there (as well as a variety of other 'girl' movies we enjoy together). 

The blocks, Whirling Star and Rocky Mountain Puzzle, are separated with a sashing and the border and binding match the two main colors in the blocks. 
I was really pleased with my first attempt, calling it Tuscan Sun. 

My mom loves the quilt.  It gets lots of use and is the one featured in the header of my blog.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Entry One: Nautical Sampler

My quiltfolio's first entry is, rightfully, my very first quilt.  As I said in my introductory post, I had dreamed for many years about making a quilt but thought I'd be forced to join a ladies group of some sort and end up sitting around a frame chatting about the weather, kids or other current event.  I was looking for a creative outlet, a hobby I could easily do in my home that fit my schedule rather than a social activity  and  no longer had ties to any ladies groups.  But in the fall of 2006, I realized I had access to a wealth of information on the Internet.  I am self taught already in a  few things, so why not teach myself how to quilt?  I soon found that I could machine quilt independently and I was on my way.  One particular website had a very simple, step by step, easy to follow tutorial that I am grateful for.  I owe my start in quilting to Gloria Massard at Sew A Quilt.  The outcome was my first quilt, Nautical Sampler composed of simple traditional blocks in colors originally intended to hang in a nautically themed room I had at the time.   It is a 30"x 23" (poster size) wall hanging that now resides above the sewing machine in my recently created sewing studio (dining room of my home) to remind me always of where I started and how far I've come.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Quiltfolio: The Dream

One of the main reasons I started this blog was to document the quilts I have made and to share the journey of quiltmaking that has become my passion.  I've learned so much from what others have shared online.  Maybe I can help someone else as well.

History:  It all started when I was a child, I went with my mother to a weekly church ladies group that met to do a variety of crafts, needlework and quilting.  (My mom taught me to sew and do embroidery, and a friend taught me how to crochet.  So I enjoyed those ladies groups.)

I vividly remember those meetings where the full size quilt racks would be set up and several group members would be gathered around sharing in the quilting.  Most of the quilts they made were "tied" with yarn and sold at their annual craft bazaar.  When I got married, my mother bought one and gave it to me as a wedding gift.  It wasn't fancy, 4 patch blocks of random fabric, and tied.  Later I somehow acquired another one like it that had a flannel backing.  Those were the most comfortable blankets we ever owned and me and my children dragged them around til they were so frayed it was impossible to think about repairing them. 

But, I never forgot those quilts and always dreamed of being able to make one myself.  That dream stayed with me for many years and finally (in the winter of 2006) began to blossom.